Friends in high places: Obama & Hollywood officials talk anti-piracy

It must be nice to be close with the President, especially if you are interested in making big changes to benefit yourself and your job market.

According to the Washington Wire, President Obama met with numerous Hollywood officials in the entertainment and broadcast industry to discuss copyright protections and anti-piracy laws.  It is known that a large portion of this industry is Democratic and supports the President.  Some in attendance included CEO’s of Walt Disney, Robert Iger, and CBS, Leslie Moonves.

Obama agreed to try and smooth things over with them and the technology industry, ever since last year things heated up.  The Motion Pictures Association of America attempted to get new anti-piracy laws passed.  (They never did).  The music and movie industry want more laws in place to protect against illegal downloading, because when that happens, they aren’t getting the money that they should be. They are trying to get search engines to stop linking consumers to sites that do this.  The technology industry, however, sees nothing wrong with it, for they believe the Internet should be a free and open market.

This is a hot topic as of lately, and bears the question if this is a case in which technology is advancing too quickly for society and its laws to keep up.  Changing laws is no quick or easy task, but it seems technology is constantly updating and changing.  From a consumer standpoint, it’s clear that convenience and low cost are two of the most important concerns.  Right now, illegal downloading is quite common and the entertainment industry doesn’t know how to stop it.



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