Monthly Archives: December 2013

The need for control: MSNBC loses Bashir, right after Baldwin

A few weeks ago, Alec Baldwin and MSNBC had a “mutual parting,” according to this CBS article, due to several inappropriate encounters and vulgar speech in public. Now, MSNBC has lost another employee – Martin Bashir – this time, in the form of resignation (although I wouldn’t be surprised if the company encouraged him to […]

AP accepts fake Vin Diesel profile as real

After actor Paul Walker’s death this past week, there has been numerous stories in the news about how he died and the shock it gave everyone, especially those closest to him.  One of his most famous co-stars from the “Fast and Furious” movies is actor Vin Diesel. The Associated Press (AP) wrote an obit for […]

Amazon’s future plans to use drones as delivery machines

Yesterday, 60 Minutes did a story on Amazon founder and CEO, Jeff Bezos and Amazon’s growing ventures.  (You can see the video here.)  The company’s approach is all about the customers.  For example, Amazon sells its Ereader, the Kindle, at the same price it costs to make it.  Although it is constantly encouraged to raise […]

Friends in high places: Obama & Hollywood officials talk anti-piracy

It must be nice to be close with the President, especially if you are interested in making big changes to benefit yourself and your job market. According to the Washington Wire, President Obama met with numerous Hollywood officials in the entertainment and broadcast industry to discuss copyright protections and anti-piracy laws.  It is known that […]