Gun Advertisement with JFK?

On Friday, November 22nd, America honored former President John F. Kennedy for the 50th anniversary of his death.  Although the particular day is special, many television specials cover his story throughout the entire week.

So it came as a shock when the Chicago Tribune ran an ad in the first section of the paper two days later featuring a gun auction as well as a picture of JFK himself.  Seem inappropriate?  This was the first reaction of most people.  The picture was featured in Jim Romenesko’s blog.



Creating an advertisement involves more than just one or two people – typically many people think of the idea and then many others are involved in making it and another group that edits and oversees the final product before it’s launched.  There is no way that should have been allowed, that just seems very disrespectful in my opinion.  Clearly including JFK was no accident or coincidence, so I’m not quite sure that the advertisers were going for.  Is it supposed to be humorous?  Because I don’t find it funny.  I also was surprised that such a competitive newspaper would agree to running this ad as well.  They have the right to say no and I am also surprised that they didn’t take advantage of this as well.  I hope they received complaints from the readers.



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