CBS gets it wrong; apologizes publicly

CBS show “60 Minutes” aired a report on October 27th about the Benghazi terrorist attacks with a source, Dylan Davies.  Now CBS has publicly announced their report was faulty, due to Davies’ false accounts, and is retracting the story.  A Washington Post article has the video of Lara Logan on CBS This Morning apologizing for the error.

“Today the truth is that we made a mistake,” Logan said.

Davies claimed to be at the compound the night of the attacks, but in reality, was nowhere near it.  He also wrote book about these false experiences, which is being cancelled (CBS owns the publishing company).

Logan apologizing for herself and on the behalf of “60 Minutes” is the right and mature thing to do.  I think the apology showed how reputable and respectable Logan and the show really is.  I don’t know if I have ever seen a news organization publicly apologize they way she did.  I’m sure it wasn’t easy or enjoyable, but they knew they had to do the right thing.  If they hadn’t done so, they would have been taking the easy way out.  CBS is very well respected and this statement shows just how serious they are about maintaining this status.

I would expect this of CBS, personally, just because I do hold them to such a high standard, but it’s unfortunate that we as a society don’t demand that from every news supplier, no matter how big or small.  The job of every news organization is to provide accurate information – that is the expectation.  However, many times this is not the case unfortunately.  Ryan Holiday’s book “Trust Me, I’m Lying” discusses how corrupt blogs are, and that the majority of the time, the news is never verified but is rather just accepted as true from other blogs.  Consumers see the name of a major news company and feel they can trust the information, but in reality, many bloggers are more concerned with getting pageviews rather than providing credible information.

There has been no word that anyone at “60 Minutes” will lose their job over this.


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