Monthly Archives: November 2013

Gun Advertisement with JFK?

On Friday, November 22nd, America honored former President John F. Kennedy for the 50th anniversary of his death.  Although the particular day is special, many television specials cover his story throughout the entire week. So it came as a shock when the Chicago Tribune ran an ad in the first section of the paper two […]

Marijuana Editor wanted at Denver Post

If you are 21 or older and have an ounce of weed, that’s legal in two states (Washington and Colorado), cited in a blog all about the topic.  Colorado just recently legalized it (November 5th, according to this article). Because of this change in state law, it implies that weed doesn’t have to be a […]

It’s Gametime: Aereo vs. MLB/NFL

Controversy has erupted over the cheap video broadcast company, Aereo.  It utilizes over-the-air broadcast signals via tiny antennas, which grants customers access to anything that’s airing on TV for only $8/month. This has become a digital rights issue, as we discussed in class.  This is a negative for television manufacturers, because people who use Aereo […]

Prostate Exams on Air: Roker and Lauer Promote Men’s Health

Hosts of the Today Show, Al Roker and Matt Lauer, will be promoting men’s health awareness throughout the month of November.  It is understood that men are typically less likely to seek medical attention, as compared to women.  (I think instead of “No Shave November” they should dub it “No Shame November” to send the message […]

MSNBC Reprimands Baldwin (updated)

MSNBC decided Friday to take Alec Baldwin’s new show “Up Late” off the air for two weeks, after Baldwin was caught on tape engaging in vulgar language with reporters, according to a New York Times article.  The incident occurred outside of Baldwin’s home in Manhattan on Thursday when a photographer tried to capture pictures of […]

NPR Radio: All Things Considered assessment

I have never listened to National Public Radio (NPR) before today, for this assignment.  When I do listen to the radio, it’s generally music and not newscasts, but I have heard a few news stations on the radio before.  I would say NPR is different from other radio new stations in the sense that they […]

Controversy surrounding Washington Post columnist

Richard Cohen, a Tuesday columnist for the Washington Post, has had his fair share of controversy in the past. featured an article yesterday discussing “Cohen’s 10 Worst Moments” throughout the years of his writing.  One cites how he defends a child rapist; another discusses how Cohen himself was accused of sexually harassing a 23-year […]