Former employee sues NY Post

A former associate editor of the NY Post, Sandra Guzman, is suing the newspaper and one of its editors, Col Allan, according to a Reuters article.  The reason for the lawsuit:  Guzman said she lost her job at the company because she complained about harassment in the workplace, and also about a demeaning political cartoon regarding Obama.  The NY Post said the so-called harassment claims were “trivial.”

It is pretty rare to hear news about the new industry itself and the people in it.  Everyday journalists report on situations like this, but typically the inter-workings of media companies try to stay out of the limelight.  And this may have as well, if Guzman wasn’t suing, which is a public matter.

Guzman is African American and Puerto Rican, and female.  Many of the derogatory comments she referred to were racist and sexist in nature.  This provides an interesting look into a well-known media company that many people trust and admire.  Citizens count on news organizations to provide credible and accurate news; if they believe a company is doing so, it is safe to say this company is trusted.  If people trust the NY Post, this powerful newspaper, then many times they are put on a pedestal.  This just goes to show that things may not always be working as smoothly as we hope.  Since we can’t see everything that goes on behind closed doors, it is our job as citizens, just like the reporters, to question things that are easily accepted at face value.  Dig deeper and find out more.


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