Where has the credibility gone?

A newspaper out of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, called The Gazette reported when to turn the clocks back for Daylight Savings Time.  Nothing wrong with that, except it was the wrong day.  According to Jim Romenesko’s blogGazette stated it would be today, Sunday, October 27th instead of the actual day next Sunday, November 3rd.

This is a well established newspaper – this should not be happening.  I would be appalled even if my peers, as journalism students, made this mistake.  Yes, while some may think this isn’t a big story and it was just a little mistake, I think that makes it that much worse.  A person with no journalism background could have found out the correct date of Daylight Savings.  How do you get that wrong as an experienced journalist?  And maybe I’m the only person that is bothered by this, but I think it washes away all of the paper’s credibility.

Even if the reporter got that wrong, that’s why there are editors.  Perhaps it wasn’t checked because it wasn’t viewed as a real story, rather just a brief statement regarding an event we practice annually.   But that shouldn’t matter.  There is a system in place to catch these mistakes, and for this to happen shows that many people failed to do their job accurately.  Nowadays, many clocks and cellphones automatically change at Daylight Savings, so people don’t have to manually change the time themselves.  But still, not everyone has those devices and even if they did, it still wouldn’t make this false reporting acceptable.  It’s the little things that matter, and if it matters to the readers, then it should matter to the organization.



  1. This is funny but true. Good you picked up the incident. Yes your points are valid and while i wouldn’t quash away the reputation completely id be more cautious what i believe from their reporting.

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