Survey: Newspaper publishers optimistic

Cribb, Greene & Associates released its fall 2013 publisher confidence results, after the survey they conducted, according to Jim Romenesko.  It found that 40% of newspaper publishers would encourage their children to go into the newspaper business (28% answered no; 32% said maybe).

Although 40% may not seem like a lot, it is a big percentage considering the decline of newspapers in recent years.  The fact that parents would still encourage their children to  pursue this track that seems to be failing, shows that many are confident it will be around in 20, 30 years.  Is it foolish optimism or do they really believe this to be true?  While I’m sure none of them want the newspaper industry to die, they are the ones who would know best considering the work in the field.

47% said they believe total ad revenues will be higher next year, and 58% answered they would consider buying a newspaper currently.  One publisher who took the survey commented,

“‘The print medium is a sophisticated product that will continue for many years at which point customers will consume as they please…which makes it incumbent upon us to believe in what we’ve been, are today, and what we’ll be.'”

If anything, these results provide a glimmer of hope to an industry that hasn’t received much positive feedback lately. Print journalism is not dead.


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  1. good choice of topic, but needs more reporting and writing. Why are publishers keen on this career? Give it a thought before you put down your lines.

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