Diminishing editorials in newspapers

Will editorials soon be a thing of the past?  According to a Pew Research article, it’s slowly happening.

“The latest and perhaps most prominent example is the Philadelphia Inquirer, which announced in September that it was cutting in half—from two to one—the number of pages allotted to editorials and opinions on weekdays, triggering protests.”

This is just yet another example of how the newspaper industry is changing.  It is known that print journalism is becoming more sparse than it used to be 50, even 100 years ago.  The tough economy is not only forcing owners to make tough decisions staff wise, but also content wise – the more limited space they have, the more they are forced to cut out.  In the early years of newspapers, one of the main focuses were the op-eds that aimed to sway public opinion.


This organization’s membership, shown in the chart above, has been cut in half in the last seven years.  Companies are moving more of their opinion pieces online, through articles or blogs.

In my opinion, I think this trend is doing a disservice to journalism, and more importantly to the readers.  If all papers were to eliminate their editorial section, there would essentially be no difference between them.  Different newspapers should each have their own voice. I just hope that print journalism does not lose all of the values in which it was founded on.



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  1. good points are discussed here. Why else is editorials being cut? Is there a political motivation for such decisions, a marketing stance? Don’t hesitate to get skeptical

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