Google’s Latest – Wiretapping?

Google is facing charges in two separate court cases, for illegal wiretapping of its users, according to a New York Times article. 

Accusers say Google had people scanning emails and showed users certain advertisements with related content to the information they read. This is Google’s response:

“The scanning of Gmail messages was automated, with no human review, and was no different from the processes it uses to detect spam or viruses, offer in-box searching or filter messages into folders. It said users had consented to it by agreeing to Google’s terms of service and privacy policy.”

Google is also arguing that the federal anti-wiretapping law (formed in 1986) is out of date in regards to modern technology.

This is the perfect example of where technology is advancing too fast for society to catch up.  Although the Internet has been around and popular for some time now, it is still very much an unknown world.  People are using the Internet more than ever before, for news and social media.  Users would like to believe that the information they are sharing is safe and secure, but there is no way of really knowing that.  If Google is found guilty of illegally wiretapping its Gmail users, that could open up a new world of rules and regulations.   Hopefully it will be a wake up call for those who are supposed to be keeping our information private, because now people are going to start being conscious of their activities online.  The Internet, sharing an infinite amount of information for free to all of its users is finally being cast for what it really is – too good to be true, in some instances.  For, in this current society that revolves around money and profit, nothing is for free.  Google is just concerned about making money off of ads, so these actions are justified to them.  In this case, people are trading their privacy for convenience and information, and it’s looking like a bad trade.


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