Monthly Archives: October 2013

Former employee sues NY Post

A former associate editor of the NY Post, Sandra Guzman, is suing the newspaper and one of its editors, Col Allan, according to a Reuters article.  The reason for the lawsuit:  Guzman said she lost her job at the company because she complained about harassment in the workplace, and also about a demeaning political cartoon […]

Where has the credibility gone?

A newspaper out of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, called The Gazette reported when to turn the clocks back for Daylight Savings Time.  Nothing wrong with that, except it was the wrong day.  According to Jim Romenesko’s blog, Gazette stated it would be today, Sunday, October 27th instead of the actual day next Sunday, November 3rd. This is a well established […]

Omidyar Plans to Fund Investigative Media Project

Pierre Omidyar, the founder of eBay, has joined up with journalist, Glenn Greenwald, to fund a new multi-million dollar ($250 million to be exact) journalism project.  Their focus seems to be on investigative journalism, according to a Daily Beast article. Omidyar has a background in investigative journalism.  He was the editor of Honolulu Civil Beat, which focused […]

Something Wrong in More Than One Kind of Patch

On Wednesday, October 16, a Patch reporter from Wauwatosa, Wisconsin proved just how depleted her staff really is when she posted an inappropriate picture without checking it. The article was a collection of photographs, consisting of different pumpkins people in the town had carved.   While Jim Romenesko got the picture right from the […]

Survey: Newspaper publishers optimistic

Cribb, Greene & Associates released its fall 2013 publisher confidence results, after the survey they conducted, according to Jim Romenesko.  It found that 40% of newspaper publishers would encourage their children to go into the newspaper business (28% answered no; 32% said maybe). Although 40% may not seem like a lot, it is a big percentage […]

Diminishing editorials in newspapers

Will editorials soon be a thing of the past?  According to a Pew Research article, it’s slowly happening. “The latest and perhaps most prominent example is the Philadelphia Inquirer, which announced in September that it was cutting in half—from two to one—the number of pages allotted to editorials and opinions on weekdays, triggering protests.” This is […]

Google’s Latest – Wiretapping?

Google is facing charges in two separate court cases, for illegal wiretapping of its users, according to a New York Times article.  Accusers say Google had people scanning emails and showed users certain advertisements with related content to the information they read. This is Google’s response: “The scanning of Gmail messages was automated, with no […]