Google Strives for Immortality in its Biggest “Moonshot” Yet

Google may have taken on its biggest challenge to date – a company, Calico, striving for human immortality.  CEO and co-founder of Google, Larry Page, refers to the company’s highly ambitious endeavors as “moonshots,” according to a Time article. stated that Art Levinson, chairman of Genentech and Apple, will be the new company’s CEO.  Calico aims to focus on health and wellness, as well as aging.

What does this mean for Google?  Being that it is such a successful, influential company (much more than just a search engine) it seems only fitting that they would aim this high.  Google invests in a wide range of areas besides health care, as the picture below shows.

Google Casts a Wide Net

In it’s initial stages, Calico will focus solely on research and non-profits, according to a article.

One potential danger is that Google overshot its “moonshot.” Google is a popular brand that has had great success, and taking on the healthcare field is a tall order.  There are an infinite amount of health risks people are susceptible to on a daily basis.  And the people that have lost loved ones to health-related complications want to see progress.  By Google implying its endgame is to put a stop to premature aging and death, it sets the bar incredibly high.  Achieving anything less may leave people feeling betrayed with both the failed goal and Google, overall.  The public needs to feel as though they can trust where their information is coming from.  If Google loses the trust of its users, it will surely suffer.

Another concern is that Google could be stretching itself too thin.  Calico itself will require an immense amount of work and attention, and that is just one company.  The picture above shows just how invested Google is in so many other projects, that one has to wonder if Calico even has a fighting chance.

Also, if Calico is only going to be doing research, I’m afraid this company is nothing new.  And if they are planning to provide some kind of product or service pertaining to anti-aging, what would that even be?  Google Health failed in 2012 due to a poorly designed product that attempted to provide electronic health records to the public, according to a article. 

There are many unanswered questions remaining; perhaps only time will tell.


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